Honey Roasted Root Vegetables

Honey Roasted Root Vegetables from Oven 

Highlight those wonderful fall root vegetables that you see at the market with a few simple ingredients and a little time in the oven. Colorful and wholesome, honey adds the slightest bit of sweet to make this a side dish that everyone will love. To print this recipe as a PDF, click here.



Assorted root vegetables such as parsnips, celeriac, rutabaga, sweet potatoes, or yellow beets (don’t use red beets because you’ll have a pink-hued medley unless this is the look you’re going for). 

½ cup of honey (the darker the honey, the stronger and not as sweet the flavor)

2 T. of chopped fresh thyme

1 tsp. salt


Preheat oven to 400°. To serve 8–10  people as a side dish, use about 10 cups of vegetables that have been washed, peeled and cut into 1” cubes. Put cut vegetables in a large bowl and toss with honey, thyme and salt. Spread on a rimmed, very lightly oiled baking sheet and roast for about 35-40 minutes until vegetables are golden and cooked so they’re done but not too soft and mushy. Turn the vegetables over occasionally throughout the cooking time so they’re evenly lightly browned.