Azienda Agricola Manestrini

Over 50 years ago, Signor Egidio Manestrini began his olive mill on a hilltop overlooking Lago di Garda. From its perch with impressive views of the lake, Azienda Agricola Manestrini continues its time honored tradition of producing superior extra virgin olive oil. As you approach the farm, the soothing rustle of olive branches makes you realize you're about to enter someplace very special. The entire production cycle, from picking to pressing to bottling, is performed on the property. Together Nicoletta and Paolo Manestrini, Egidio's children, oversee the entire organization including a shop and inn on the property, Residence San Rocco. Living on the premises, charming Signor Manestrini takes great pride in his family, his business and in producing amazing olive oil.